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Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Year 5 

Mr Palmer and Miss Wetherall teach 5 Birch.

I have lived in England now for 14 years and have been teaching here at Frizinghall Primary for 13 years. I grew up in Florida and often talk about what it is like there. My favourite subjects are maths and science.

I love sports! Growing up in Florida made it easy to play sports all year round, whether it was American football, wrestling, judo, tennis, surfing or swimming.

Mr Palmer

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary for many years now, way too many to mention. I grew up in Bradford and I live here with my daughter (Charlotte) and my cat (Bertie).

I love reading and we will be reading a story that I read when I was at school. It is a wonderful story and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

Miss Wetherall


Miss McNulty teaches 5 Chestnut.

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary for many years now. I am the lead of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) in school. I make sure that pupils have lots of SMSC experiences, for example, volunteering and OBON day.

I love running, baking and have just started to learn to crochet.



Year 5 Long Term Plan


Year 5 Themes 


If you go down to the woods today

Blast Off!

The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Could You Be A Crime Scene Investigator?