Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Year 3 Spring Term 1 Theme


Dear Parents/Carers


Year 3’s next topic is called Dem Bones Dem Bones. During this topic we will focus on science as we will be learning all about the bones in our skeleton as well as some nutritional aspects related to our body.

As this is a science-based topic, we will carry out some experiments and measurements regarding our running speed and the structure and shape of the bones in our skeleton. We will also look at nutrition and its importance to our bodies. The children will also be comparing different skeletons and learn about the muscles in our body. This topic will link well with our very popular daily mile which is now well-established in our daily routine.

In English, we will be reading and writing newspaper reports, we will use drama to help understand the text and to enrich the grammar used. We will be using ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ which is a great novel written by Roald Dahl.

In maths, we will be completing calculations using multiplication and division as well as problem solving activities.

In DT, we will be cooking a balanced meal having in mind all the nutritional values of healthy diet. The children will love making a healthy pizza!

In PHSE, we will be looking at our health and wellbeing. We will explore healthy lifestyles with a focus on healthy relationships. This will be done through Coram Life Education, which is the scheme of work which promotes our SCARF principles.

For music, we will be listening and creating sounds using the resource Funny Bones. We will be using a selection of musical instruments to aid with sound effects as well.


In oracy, we will be using the language of opinion to discuss various topics within the scope of having a healthy diet and our body’s nutritional needs.

In R.E, they will continue to explore how faith communities demonstrate what is sacred and what it is not.

In computing, we will be exploring more of e-safeguarding throughout the year. They will know more about the dangers of clicking links they receive when using technology. They will also follow other aspects of the computing curriculum as normal.

In French, they will be practising their vocabulary in words and phrases related to Dans L’ecole which means ‘my school’ in French.

In art, we will be creating a mosaic about the human skeleton after creating some sketching of some parts of the human skeleton. They will love it.



Helping at home:

As well as ensuring that your child completes their weekly homework, you could:

  • Visit the local library and read more about the human body.
  • Show your children different newspapers with children-friendly articles.
  • Access TT Rockstars and Purple Mash at home.
  • Play oracy games using the human body as the subject.
  • Read more about the human body