Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Reception Autumn Term 2 Theme

Dear Parents/Carers

This half term our theme is ‘Adventure in Space’.

The first story we will be learning is ‘Whatever Next’, a story about a baby bear who makes a rocket from a cardboard box and flies to the moon. We will be having an exciting time pretending to fly to space, making rockets out of boxes, and telling space stories.

Next we will read ‘Roaring Rockets’ and find out how astronauts really get to the moon. We will be learning lots of new space words and information.

Finally we will read the non-fiction book ‘Rocket’ and follow instructions to make a model rocket.

Please can you save cardboard tubes, small boxes and anything else rocket like for us to use for models.

The children are enjoying daily phonics lessons and now recognise many of the letter sounds; we are starting to read simple words and sentences. During this half term all the children will start to bring home reading books, we will ask you to come into school for a short meeting so that we can discuss the process. Parent reading mornings will be starting on Thursday 14th November from 8.55 – 9.15, please come.

In Mathematics we will be concentrating on accurate counting, recognising, ordering and writing numbers and starting addition and subtraction.

At the end of this half term the children will be performing the Christmas Nativity play and we will be starting to learn the songs soon!

Helping at home

  • Read, read, read with your child! Share their reading book, their library book and visit the library in Shipley – see if you can find a book about space.
  • Look out for numbers and letters in the world around you – you will be surprised how many your child knows!

Thank you

Miss Bower and Mrs Haigh