Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Nursery Spring Term 1 Theme


Our theme for this half term is Healthy Veggies.

Our journey will begin with the book ‘Supertato’. This book is about how Supertato defeats the Evil Pea who gets up to lots of mischief!

The children will retell the story using puppets and pictures. We will be encourage the children to write/draw their own stories about Supertato.

The children will take part in challenges that involve rescuing the Veggies.

Healthy eating and exercise is promoted in the ‘Supertato’ books. We will be tasting different vegetables and will attempt to make some vegetable soup.

The children will be keeping fit by doing a daily run outside before participating in a circuits style obstacle course. We will also have some racing in our outdoor sessions.

We will look at different vegetables and describe what they look like in terms of size and colour. We will sort vegetables and have a ‘Vegetable Shop’ where the children can ‘role play’ being a shop keeper and customer buying, selling and weighing the vegetables.

Chinese New Year is at the beginning of this half term. We will find out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and try some Chinese food.

As always, parents are welcome to join us at ‘Rhyme Time’ every Friday at 11.45.

Nursery Staff