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Welcome to Frizinghall Primary School

One of the key reasons I applied to be the Headteacher at Frizinghall Primary was the warmth and enthusiasm for learning I felt when I first visited. Once I was appointed and got to know the wider school community, everybody made me feel very welcome and it was easy to see why our wonderful, smiley, inquisitive pupils are such a pleasure to teach.

However, at this moment in time, school is not open as it normally is and I speak on behalf of the whole staff team when I say that we all miss seeing all of our pupils regularly. What has been wonderful is that when we have been visiting families and making calls – for all sorts of different reasons - we have had the pleasure of speaking to lots of members of our community; for those members of staff involved, in many cases, these have been some of the highlights of our week.

Along with other members of staff, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing lots of our pupils on their doorstep – at an appropriate social distance of course – and they have been telling me all about what they’ve been learning. Please do remember that we are setting daily work in English, maths and other areas of the curriculum on Purple Mash and we are checking that pupils are completing it. Every week, we make contact with those families - where it looks as though their child has not completed any learning at home - and although we appreciate that lots of you are supplementing the Purple Mash work with other things (including our website recommendation list which we update every two weeks) Purple Mash is the platform where we can monitor pupil usage. I know that – through Purple Mash - lots of pupils have being having really worthwhile communication with their teachers about their learning; some parents have also being making excellent use of it to communicate with teachers. For example some parents, of children in reception, have been using Purple Mash as a way to communicate with Mrs Haigh and Mrs Bower about how to pronounce some of the split diagraphs – fantastic!

Before school was closed to the majority of pupils, we were making good progress in relation to improving the quality of education provided by our school. Even though school is not operating as it normally does, those staff who are not in the building are still working hard – behind the scenes – to ensure we are in the strongest position we can be for when we fully reopen.

As I stated in my very first communication to you all, parents play an integral role within education and this message could not be more pertinent at this time. As we all work together to try and make sense of the current situation, be assured that we are still working to support the development of our pupils.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Merriman



CoG is Mr Peter Sayers

Paper copies of information on the school's website is available upon request. Please use the Contact Us link above for our contact methods.

Pupils are well behaved. They want to learn. They are kind and understanding. They are proud of their school and want to do well.

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